St. Kevin School to celebrate 60 years of Catholic education

Friday, September 6, 2019 will mark the 60th anniversary of the opening of St. Kevin School.  Our parish will celebrate the occasion with a Mass of Thanksgiving at Our Lady of Providence Chapel at Aldrich Mansion followed by a Gala Dinner.  The date and time of the event are still being finalized, but as more details become available they will be published in the bulletin and on the website.

  • The evening is black-tie optional
  • Tickets are $100 per person and can be purchased in the St. Kevin Parish Office.  Payment by cash or check is due at the time tickets are purchased.
  • All proceeds from this event will benefit the St. Kevin School Endowment Fund.
  • The first-ever Saint Kevin Medal will be awarded to honor those individuals who have helped to establish, maintain, and grow St. Kevin School as the place of vibrant faith, education, and community it is today.

    Instructions for filling out the Saint Kevin Medal nomination form
    1.    Download and open the form
    2.  The PDF is an interactive document.  Fill out the light blue fields and save the form to your electronic device.  You do not have to include your name;  simply click the checkbox next to “I wish to remain anonymous.”
    To submit the completed form:
    Option 1:  Attach the form to an email and send to
    Option 2:  Print the form and place it in any weekend collection basket
    Option 3:  Print and mail the form to the rectory or parish office at 333 Sandy Lane, Warwick, 02889

Parish Calendar

Knit and Crochet
Tue., Aug. 207–9 p.m.Fr. O'Hara HallContact Jan Meegan
at 439–4216 for
more information
Summer Flea MarketSat., Aug. 248 a.m. to 2 p.m.St. Benedict Church
Safe Haven meetingMon., Aug 266:30 p.m.Fr. O'Hara HallMonthly on second
and fourth Mondays
Bible StudyTue., Sept 36:30 p.m.Fr. O'Hara HallMonthly on first
and third Tuesdays
Religious Education
teacher meeting
Wed., Sept. 46 p.m.Fr. O'Hara HallMeeting is for all new
and returning teachers
ConfessionSat., Sept. 73:15–3:45 p.m.St. Benedict ChurchFirst Saturday of every month
BingoSat., Sept. 75 p.m.Fr. O'Hara HallFirst Saturday of every month
Safe Haven Mon., Sept. 96:30 p.mFr. O'Hara HallMonthly on second
and fourth Mondays
Bible StudyTue., Sept. 176:30 p.mFr. O'Hara HallMonthly on first
and third Tuesdays
RCIA classes beginSun., Sept. 2211–11:50 a.m.St. Kevin SchoolClasses are held
on Sunday mornings
through April 5, 2020
Safe HavenMon., Sept. 236:30 p.m. Fr. O'Hara HallMonthly on second
and fourth Mondays
Religious Education
Grade 1–8
Sun., Sept. 298:50 a.m.St. Kevin ChurchMeeting for all
parents and students
ConfirmationSun., Sept. 2910:50 a.m.St. Kevin ChurchMeeting for all
parents and students