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SUMMER HAS BEGUN–Pastor's Corner [June 2] With last weekend’s celebration of Memorial Day, the unofficial beginning of summer, so this Pastor’s column will take a “summer vacation.” As always, we will replace it with some inspirational reading for you to take home and enjoy by the poolside or seashore. This year we will be highlighting the words of the late great Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, a leader of the Catholic Church in America well known for his 1950s award winning television broadcasts entitled “Life is Worth Living.” It was quite the media phenomenon and was a staple in most homes, Catholic and non-Catholic alike throughout the nation each week. At one time it was the second most watched television show, only surpassed by the Milton Berle show which was #1. Oddly enough, Milton Berle, who was Jewish, often commented that he looked forward to the day when his good friend Archbishop Sheen would overtake him in the ratings. Born Peter John Sheen on May 8, 1895 he went on to a life long career of inspirational teaching and preaching and authored 64 books. He died on Dec. 9, 1979. These notes come from his autobiography “Treasure in Clay” and provide a close up look at this man of faith, intellect, and prayer. Please enjoy this column for your reflection and may God bless Archbishop Sheen for the inspiration he still provides from his heavenly home.

Have a great summer and God bless,  Fr. Bob Marciano


By Bishop Richard G. Henning
The first of Bishop Henning’s columns on child abuse prevention awareness 

The Diocese of Providence’s comprehensive approach to ensuring every child’s safety

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