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Into the desert with the Lord. Pastor's Corner  [02-16-24]—As Lent begins this first weekend we now go for 40 days of fasting, prayer and special generosity to prepare for the holiest week of the year: the Passion, death and Resurrection of the Savior. There are many offerings  for the season including Stations of the Cross on Fridays, soup and bread suppers, our annual Lenten Breakfast, and Living Stations. Click to download calendar of all Lenten activities
One of the disciplines of Lent is almsgiving—that is, giving our treasure to the Church to help those who are in need. During Lent there are many different ways to do this including Rice Bowls, which can be found at the doors of the church for you to assemble at home and display prominently for your donations thoughout the Lenten season. Rice Bowls will be collected at all Masses on Palm Sunday, March 24.  Remember that your generosity will help the poor and needy throughout the world. Let us use these 40 days to prepare well and be ready to walk with Jesus through His passion and death to the glory of His resurrection.
Celebrating a state of hope. Our Catholic Charity Appeal is now underway throughout the Diocese with a goal of $7,000,000! Your gift or pledge can help reach the thousands of people that need us for their daily life including:

  • Children at Mother of Hope (formerly known as Mater Spei) Summer camp;
  • 23,000 beds that are provided each year to men and women at the Emmanuel House homeless shelter;
  • 18 Seminarians studying for the priesthood;
  • Tuition assistance to children in our Catholic schools, and the list continues.

Please consider making a pledge, which is a weekly or monthly amount that will make an even bigger impact assisting others in need. Just think: that $25 or $50 a month turns into $300 or $600 per year which goes a long way toward helping others. Please use the envelopes in the pews for your gift or pledge and return it in any weekend collection which we will send to the Catholic Charity office.  Many thanks for your support and prayerful generosity. Have a great week and God bless,  Fr. Bob Marciano

Parish Giving is a safe, secure, and easy way to support St. Kevin Parish by making your weekly budget donations online. And registering for a personal and secure online Parish Giving account is an easy way to support our parish during these confusing times.

•  98% of the collection remittance goes directly to St. Kevin’s
•  Budget contributions can be automatically deducted or submitted at parishioner convenience
•  Payments can be made by checking account withdrawal, debit, or credit card
•  All contributions are credited to your current budget account
•  Using Parish Giving helps keep down the parish’s costs of printing and mailing budget envelope

→ Find more information at Parish Giving

→ Print New Account Set-Up Instructions (pdf)