August 9–19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr. Bob Marciano and Deacon John Fulton celebrate the 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Keyboards:  Bryan Barrette; PattiLou Davis, vocals
Lector:  Daniel Friel
Videographer:  Dennis Gallagher
Video technician:  Joanne McGrath

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July 23–The Diocese of Providence has issued an updated Directive to Pastors mandating all parishioners  wear masks when attending Mass.  If you have a health issue, please consult either Fr. Bob, Fr. Simoneau, or Deacon John before Mass.  Further, those parishioners that wish to receive Eucharist by mouth must wait until all other communicants have received.  Only priests and deacons can distribute Holy Communion to parishioners by mouth.

NEW: Special rules for Communion distribution by Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

July 9–During these extraordinary times, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist are asked to follow several  additional rules to protect themselves and those to whom they administer communion:

    1. Wear a mask which covers your nose and mouth. (If you forget to bring a mask, please inform Deacon John before the service begins and he will do his best to provide you with one.)
    2. When administering communion, DO NOT touch the hands of those who are receiving.  Rather, very gently touch the tip of the host to the hands of those who are receiving and permit it to drop into the hands.
    3. After receiving communion at the altar, please use the hand sanitizer provided for your use before administering communion to others.  After using hand sanitizer refrain from touching your mask until after you have finished administering communion to avoid re-contaminating your hands.
    4. Per the Diocese of Providence: Do not administer communion on the tongue.  Anyone who wishes to receive on the tongue may do so, but only from the priest or deacon and after all others who receive in the hand have done so.  Invite them to receive from the priest or deacon.
    5. After you have administered communion and have surrendered the ciborium to the priest or deacon at the altar, please re-sanitize your hands very thoroughly using the hand sanitizer provided for your use.

Afterwards, as soon as you are able, scrub your hands.  Before you are able to do so avoid touching your face, most especially your eyes.  This last “rule” is intended to protect you and your loved ones from infection.

Please contact me with any questions or if you need clarification on these new rules.
Deacon John Fulton


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