Note to parishioners and friends:

During these summer months, my column will be devoted to the words of our Holy Father Pope Francis in a recent book he published entitled Christ in the Storm:  An Extraordinary Blessing for a Suffering World.  In it, he reflects and prays about the year-long pandemic and the pain and suffering it brought to the Church and to the world.  Read more about Christ in the Storm: An Extraordinary Blessing for a Suffering World.

—Fr. Bob Marciano

Gift Cards are back!

The long-awaited return of St. Kevin School’s Gift Card Sales fundraiser is back with a brand new look!   All of your purchases will be done online on our secure webpage.  Visit the webpage to buy Amazon, Target, Walmart, Dunkin’ and Stop & Shop—to name just a few!  You can even request gift cards that are not listed!  Email with questions.

Parish Giving is a safe, secure, and easy way to support St. Kevin and St. Benedict parishes by making your weekly budget donations online. Due to the social distancing guidelines requiring the temporary cancellation of weekend Masses, budget collections have dropped significantly even though the operating costs for our parishes have remained fairly level. Registering for a personal and secure online Parish Giving account is an easy way to continue to support our parishes during these confusing times. Find more information at Parish Giving. [Print New Account Set-Up Instructions] (pdf)

– 98% of the collection remittance goes directly to St. Kevin’s
– Budget contributions can be automatically deducted or submitted at parishioner convenience
– Payments can be made by checking account withdrawal, debit, or credit card
– All contributions are credited to your current budget account
– Using Parish Giving helps keep down the parish’s costs of printing and mailing budget envelope