Livestream MassThe 10 a.m. Sunday Mass is live streamed as are Masses on holy days, special celebrations, and funerals. Archived Masses can also be viewed here and date back to Christmas 2021.

 LET THE MESSAGE GO FORTH Pastor's Corner [April 14] As the Gospels throughout the Easter Season remind us that Christ is risen and we hear of His many appearnces in these Easter weeks, from His appearance in the upper room to Saint Thomas who kneels to declare “my Lord and my God” to the disciples on the road to Emmaus this weekend who recognize Him in the breaking of the bread—we hear the Good News over and over again for the next 40 days of Easter.

The Church then celebrates the Ascension of Our Lord to heaven on Thursday, May 9 when He assures them as He disappears into the clouds that He will send us the paraclete to infuse us with His Spirit. On Pentecost Sunday, May 19, the Church is born and the Apostles receive the Holy Spirit which gives them the courage to go out and proclaim the Good News even at the cost of their lives that Jesus, their friend and Savior, is risen. So many centuries later we celebrate the same reality and hear His voice and feel His presence in our lives every day. How grateful we are for this Easter Season and every day as we have been blessed with knowing and loving Him.

We will celebrate some special days in the coming weeks including First Communion with  two Masses: one for the school and one for CCD given the large numbers of students in each class. This will be followed by our annual May procession and crowning making Mary the Queen of our parish, our homes and our lives. May the Son of Mary in these many celebrations inspire us all to be like Him and to witness to His message of love and goodness every day.

MASS INTENTIONS   Due to the many requests for Mass intentions, especially for the 10 a.m. Sunday Mass, we will be limiting intentions to three per Mass.  As you have seen the past few weeks, the list is long and to give proper reverence to our beloved deceased we will try our best to accommodate all with this policy. It is a good and noble practice from the earliest days of Christianity to remember our departed souls and a fitting tribute to our loved ones who have left us. May their souls rest in peace.

Have a great Easter week and God bless,  Fr. Bob Marciano

 April is National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month

By Bishop Richard G. Henning
The first of Bishop Henning’s columns on child abuse prevention awareness 

The Diocese of Providence’s comprehensive approach to ensuring every child’s safety

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