Catholic Charity 2021 is here!

This weekend we begin our annual and familiar effort for our generous and faithful support  of our Catholic Charity Appeal.  As you know, last year changed our lives in so many ways and altered our combined efforts to help those around us through this annual appeal.  But now we are back—and it is back as well.  Our goals for this year are $71,250 for St. Kevin and $19,950 for St. Benedict. The money raised will go to the many efforts on many fronts including Catholic chaplaincy coverage for hospitals and health care facilities; Catholic education and campus ministry; ministries for the poor, homeless and needy; medical and housing assistance and much more.  The list is long and the needs are great and so we ask your help.  In the pews are pledge/gift envelopes to help in this important effort, and your gift–no matter what amount–helps life the burden of a family or a person in need.  What greater use of our gifts and resources can there be than to help others?  This Easter season gives us more reason to help in His name.  Please fill out the card in the pew or the one that you received in the mail and note which parish you are from and submit your gift and/or pledge.  Just $10 or $25 a week, what we pay for a DD coffee or a meal with family or friends, can go a long way to help someone we will never meet.  We will keep track each week of our progress toward our goals and thank each of you for your generosity here and often to the mission of our parish, diocese, and Church.  May God bless you and your loved ones for your generosity. –Fr. Bob Marciano

Getting it right

We are in the process of updating  the data of both parishes as we move to a new budget/envelope company beginning July 1.  The new company, Cathedral Corporation, is more efficient, has more user options, and is much more cost effective.   Cathedral has offices in Lincoln, RI and we are glad to support a local business.  If there are changes to your account, e.g. address, name, etc., please call the parish office and give us the new information.

The trip is back on!

Our trip to Poland and Prague (including the Passion Play at Oberammergau, Germany) originally planned for 2020, has now been re-scheduled to September 2022.  Please consider joining me and three other priests and dozens of pilgrims  for this great and historic trip.  The Passion Play, performed every 10 years by the entire town since since it was spared the Black Plague during the mid-1300s, is a moving and spiritual event that you will never forget. It is an all day performance that recalls our Lord’s Passion, Death, and Resurrection.  The other memorable sites and cities we will visit–including St. John Paul II’s birthplace—are impressive as well.  We hope you can join us.

April 9—Our formal parish affiliation announcement sign posted at St. Benedict Church.  More information can be found in the bulletin or by calling 401–737–2638 or 401–737–9492.

Parish Giving is a safe, secure, and easy way to support St. Kevin and St. Benedict parishes by making your weekly budget donations online. Due to the social distancing guidelines requiring the temporary cancellation of weekend Masses, budget collections have dropped significantly even though the operating costs for our parishes have remained fairly level. Registering for a personal and secure online Parish Giving account is an easy way to continue to support our parishes during these confusing times. Find more information at Parish Giving. [Print New Account Set-Up Instructions] (pdf)

– 98% of the collection remittance goes directly to St. Kevin’s
– Budget contributions can be automatically deducted or submitted at parishioner convenience
– Payments can be made by checking account withdrawal, debit, or credit card
– All contributions are credited to your current budget account
– Using Parish Giving helps keep down the parish’s costs of printing and mailing budget envelope