Memorial Masses

If you would like to request a Mass said in memory of a loved one, relative, or friend, or as an anniversary or birthday remembrance, please call Lisa Callahan in the Parish Office at (401) 737-2638.  You can also visit the office during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 2 PM; Sunday 9 AM to Noon) to schedule your Mass.  Announced Mass notices will be published in the bulletin on the Sunday before the Mass is said.  Unannounced Masses are not published in the bulletin, but are said at Fr. Bob’s convenience.
Suggested Mass offerings:
  • Weekend announced Mass $25
  • Weekday announced Mass $15
  • Unannounced Mass $10  (said by Father at his convenience)
A personalized Mass card is provided at no charge. Please make check payable to St. Kevin Church