Faith Formation Grades 1-8

Ms. Christine Reilly, CCD Coordinator

Religious Education 2020-21

Congratulations to the children who made their First Communion on May 1

Grade 2 CCD class

Isabella Bates
Angelina DeLuca
Alania Friel
Blake Gentile
Jackson Normand
Adriana Pina
Angel Silva
Brady Valcourt
Jayden Cahoon
Robert DeLuca
Caia Friel
Jesse Ladino
Kathleen Offiler
Jacob Regent
Liam Trudeau
Emily Walker
Brent Charpentier
Jacob DePalma
Joshua Garcia
Tyler Mooney
Gianna Pacheco
Zachary Shoemaker
Kassidy Underwood

St. Kevin School Grade 2 class

Levi Ashton
Lucca Bonaccorsi
McKenzie Farias
Justin Kemp
Joseph LaFauci
Shaun McCrone
Emily Niewicki
Grace Shanley
Luca Banno
Benjamin Cameron
Abigail Gudas
Bristol Kirkman
Brooklyn Laskowski
Liam McDonald
Mara Poulin
Caleb Bergeron
Emily DeLuca
Lillian Hopkins
Levi Korckuc
Evan Lopes
Grace Murphy
Kenzie Rattigan

Dear Parents,
When your child was baptized you promised to raise him or her as a Catholic.  Perhaps some of you believe that bringing your child to religious education classes fulfills this obligation. In part, it does.  The real center of our faith, however, is the Eucharist.  Simply making sure that your child attends Faith Formation class each week does not fulfill the promise you made when he or she was baptized.  Please understand that religious education is only the introduction to a relationship with God, and attending Mass on weekends and holy days is most important.  We all have our priorities.  Children should be offered every opportunity to learn about our Catholic faith when they are growing up.  The religious formation of children is the most valuable gift they can receive and that means celebrating the Eucharist together as a parish as well as ensuring their participation in religious education classes.  Connection to God through parish worship offers support and hope.  It will make a difference in the kind of person a child becomes.  Yes, we want our children to be successful.  More than that, we want them to be happy, loving, and surrounded by good people who support them.  We want them to rely on God when times get tough, as times do for all of us.  In about 20 hours a year, religious education classes can not provide your children with a relationship with God.  Only religious education and practice at home, family prayer and devotions, weekly attendance at Mass, and involvement in the life and ministries of the parish can truly help deepen that relationship.  The St. Kevin Religious Education program serves students in grades 1 through 8.  Both First Reconciliation and First Communion are made in Grade 2.  Children are required to attend Religious Education every year from grades 1 through 9, unless they are enrolled in a Catholic school.   Students enrolled in Catholic schools ONLY attend religious education classes in grade 9 to prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation.
Christine Reilly
Director of Religious Education

Diocesan Requirements for Religious Education

  • Families must be registered at either St. Kevin’s or St. Benedict’s in order for children to attend religious education classes
  • All students’ baptism certificate must be on file at St. Kevin’s
  • Teacher/Teacher Aide Application