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Confirmation News (Updated May 1, 2024)

A Confirmation meeting will be held on Sunday, April 28 at 1 p.m. If your student is CURRRENTLY in 9th grade, please attend to get updates for paperwork and answer any questions. If your student is in 8th grade, you may attend for information as well. If you have any questions, please call Trish at (401) 451-2523.

Current 9th grade students  (2023-24): Please make sure that you are registered for Confirmation classes, which will be held August 5-9, 2024 with the Confirmation ceremony to  follow in Fall 2024. The forms to be completed are below. Please return all paperwork before classes begin.

Current 8th grade students: Registration for your Confirmation classes will be in the Fall 2024 with classes scheduled for August 2025 and the Confirmation ceremony in Fall 2025.

Confirmation Program Forms for Class of Summer 2024

Registration Form Summer 2024 Confirmation 9th Grade
Confirmation Checklist
Confirmation Log Book Information
Contact Information
Confirmation Saint Name Project
Confirmation Sponsor Form
Community Service Project Guidelines 2024

Please do not call our parish office with Confirmation Program questions.  Thank you. Updated  05/01/2024


        • Students will participate in a greeting card/letting writing program.
        • Each student will be required to write AT LEAST one card or letter (PER RESIDENT – approx. 34) to distribute to the residents of the nursing home
        • The main requirement for the project is EFFORT
        • Guidelines
          • Cards can be handmade with any materials you want
          • Cards may be store bought
              • However, if you are using a store bought card – you must also write a note inside each one – your name alone is not sufficient
            • You may write the residents a letter and/or a prayer
              • Write them a letter about yourself, your process in confirmation, your hobbies – anything that you wish to share with them
            • You may include other projects such as ornaments, pictures, small gifts that come from the heart etc.
            • Remember – many of these residents no longer have any family. They do not get visitors often and any small act of kindness goes a long way.  These residents are full of life and stories that we can all benefit from.  They will likely see you as an adopted grandchild and will be thrilled to receive correspondence from you.
        • There will be opportunities for you to participate in Parish activities (such as Gaelic Garlic Gala) throughout the year.
        • You may also contact me with other ideas for projects and we can coordinate community service day or project to be carried out as a group
            • In the past many students have had wonderful ideas of ways to give back in a way that was meaningful to them
      • You will no longer be ticking hours off and checking boxes. The project is designed for you to understand the full meaning of living a Christian life and giving back to others. The meaning and value of community service cannot be counted in hours, but in effort and love.

        Place all cards/gifts in an envelope or bag and deliver to the parish office Attn: Trish – they will be placed in my mailbox. You can also arrange to meet Trish specifically.

        —Trish Meegan,  Confirmation Director


        The following are small facts about each resident to give you some insight into their personalities without breaking confidentiality. Please address your card/letter “Dear Friend”. On the outside of each Card please place thecorresponding number – this will allow us to distribute the card/gifts to specific residents. If you are able to use the clues to include in your notes, please do that – your attention to detail as well as the love and compassion you show will be mean the world to these people.

        1. Retired math teacher, female, loves the color pink
        2. Retired bank manager, female, loves flowers
        3. Retired painter and famous sculptor, female, loves stuffed animals
        4. Sailor, male, enjoys shells and anything ocean related
        5. Retired from the navy, male, loved to travel
        6. Female, a mom, great sense of humor, will love a nice letter and a small gift to decorate her room
        7. Female, retired pediatric nurse, painter, loves nail polish
        8. Female, a mom, loves flowers, will love a nice letter and a small gift to decorate her room
        9. Female, retired massage therapist and dancer, will love a nice letter and a small gift to decorate her room
        10. Female, a mom, will love a nice letter and a small gift to decorate her room
        11. Male, retired from the armed forces, will love a nice letter
        12. Female, retired nurse, loves stuffed animals/small things to hold, enjoys painting and small crafts
        13. Female, retired advocate against domestic violence and counselor, loves stuffed animals and things to decorate her room, enjoyed traveling to the Caribbean in her free time
        14. Male, retired financial advisor, loved to travel, used to live in Paris, loves old music and is great at trivia
        15. Female, a mom, will love a nice letter and a small gift to decorate her room
        16. Female, a mom, very Italian, all her kids work in the medical field
        17. Female, mom to several, will love a nice letter/ a small gift to decorate her room
        18. Female, will love a nice letter/ a small gift
        19. Male, retired engineer, a dad, likes to go out with friends and family
        20. Female, retired pharmacist, a mom, loves to play games on her iPad and spend time with family

        Required:  Baptismal certificates must be on file at St. Kevin’s
        If your child is new to the program, it is a requirement of the Diocesan Office of Education and Compliance that we have a baptismal certificate on file before your child can attend classes. Baptismal forms can be uploaded during the registration process or faxed to St. Kevin’s at 401−732−2832 Attn: Trish Meegan.

        If your child was baptized at another parish, please contact that parish office and request that a copy of the baptismal certificate be mailed to 333 Sandy Lane, Attn: Trish Meegan; or faxed to St. Kevin’s at 401−732−2832,  Attn: Trish Meegan.  Certificates can also be dropped off at the parish office during business hours Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Sundays from 9 a.m. to noon.